Space for the Protestant community to embrace and create the future.

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Taking ownership of your future
On September 7, 2020
This is a great article from the Harvard Business Review.Telling people who you want to be is incredibly powerful because it will compel you...
On September 4, 2020
The Church of Ireland Gazette’s Perspective on Life in 1950s Irelandby Dr Marie ColemanLife in the Ireland of the 1950s was characterised by poor economic...
Whatever you say, say nothing
On August 31, 2020
A report on the views and experiences of Border Protestants for the Church of Ireland Diocese of Clogher. Written by David Gardiner. Commissioned by...
Outreach in the Midst of Conflict
On August 1, 2020
Marking the 100th anniversary of the Belfast Riots, Prof Brian M Walker, Professor Emeritus of Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast, in collaboration...


Our Staff

Tony Walsh Dr Tony Walsh has been the Director of the Centre for Studies in Irish Protestantism since its formation in 2012. Originally a systemic-constructivist psychotherapist he has been a st…

What We Do

We create space for conversations that need to take place. In a post-conflict society every community has similar challenges: Facing the present and future with hope. Rising above its worst fe…