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Breaking the cycle – the
On January 5, 2021
Written by Earl Storey for the Irish Association, this article thinks aloud about the Shared island Unit.
‘Centenaries, 1920-3: commemorations,
On December 15, 2020
Lecture in Lisburn Museum, 8 Dec. 2020, by Brian M. WalkerI am delighted to speak here tonight as part of this very interesting lecture series....
Examining the 1970s through the
On November 30, 2020
Online Release of the 1970s Church of Ireland Gazette Editionsin the Context of new ‘Borderless Church’
Kindness on the battlefield
On November 20, 2020
War diaries of Rev John redmond show how he cared for nationalist MP Willie Redmond as he died, writes Brian WalkerTo-read-article-click-here


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Tony Walsh Dr Tony Walsh has been the Director of the Centre for Studies in Irish Protestantism since its formation in 2012. Originally a systemic-constructivist psychotherapist he has been a st…

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We create space for conversations that need to take place. In a post-conflict society every community has similar challenges: Facing the present and future with hope. Rising above its worst fe…