Up to 150 people attended Making History Talk: Reflecting on 1916. Noted political commentator Alex Kane chaired the public event. Two speakers, Dr Brian Feeney and Senator Michael McDowell, reflected on the 1916 Easter Rising.

Organized by a number of Fermanagh churches, including the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher, and Co Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge the event took place in The Killyhevlin Hotel in Enniskillen on 13 October.

Making History Talk: Understanding 1916 was the latest in a series of public events organized to reflect on major events during this decade of historic commemorations. Following presentations by the speakers there was an opportunity for questions from the floor.

The Making History Talk series arose out of dialogue that has taken place between County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge, the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher, as well as Enniskillen Methodists and Presbyterians. Out of this dialogue came a desire to hold a series of public events that will promote greater understanding and good relations in the community.

Rt Rev John McDowell (Church of Ireland bishop of Clogher) said, “History often strikes deep but different chords for each part of our community on this island. What events say to one part of our community will often say something very different to another”. He continued, “Every event in our Making History Talk series, including this one to reflect on 1916, is designed to increase our understanding of history and of each other”.

Grand Master of County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge Stuart Brooker said, “Making History Talk: Understanding 1916 is not about agreeing or disagreeing about our history. It is about having respectful conversations and increasing understanding”.

Stuart Brooker (County Grand Master of Co Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge), Alex Kane, Senator Michael McDowell, Dr Brian Feeney & Bishop John McDowell (Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher) – L to R.
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