A new book entitled  Protestant and Irish was launched on 6th March in the Royal Irish Academy, Dubin, by Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys TD.  Another took place at Carlow College on 12th  March, with Dr Martin Mansergh performing the launch.

In 1989 Edna Longley remarked that if Catholics were born Irish, Protestants had to “work their passage to Irishness”. With eighteen essays by scholars with individual perspectives on Irish Protestant history, this book explores a number of those passages.

Divided into three themes – ‘Belonging’, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Otherness’ – the essays deal such diverse topics as the shifting nature of loyalty (and loyal to what), Protestant businesses, mixed marriages, Protestant revolutionaries, and the place of humour in explaining how Protestants came to terms with a different world.

The authors are Ian d’Alton is a Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Irish History (TCD) and Ida Milne, lecturer in European History in Carlow College.

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