We create space for conversations that need to take place.

In a post-conflict society every community has similar challenges:

  • Facing the present and future with hope.
  • Rising above its worst fears.
  • Finding the future not in isolation, but in relationship with their neighbours.

The Protestant community on this island is not unique in having to make this journey.

Prof Ron Heifetz (Harvard Kennedy School) says “In a crisis we tend to look for the wrong kind of leadership; we may call for someone with the answers, decisions, strength, and map of the future, someone who knows where we ought to be going.  Someone in short who can make hard problems simple.”

Heifetz also says “The real heroism of leadership involves having the courage to face reality—and helping the people around you to face reality.”

A Journey in Self-Belief creates space for the Protestant community in both jurisdictions to face reality – to create the future.

We do this by:

  • Working at ground-level
  • Working with significant institutions in civil society
  • Scholarly reflection – to stimulate new thinking
  • Creating space for public discussion

Journey in Self-Belief brings together:

  • All-Ireland / international experience
  • Access to significant institutions, both north and south
  • Externally evidenced experience of effective peace building work
  • Proven ability to stimulate public reflection on key issues
  • Academic excellence

The Centre for Studies in Irish Protestantism gratefully acknowledges funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund that makes one-year project possible.

“McKinsey had a culture that fostered rigorous debate over the right answer without that debate resulting in personal criticism.”
Lou Gerstner
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