The Church of Ireland Gazette’s Perspective on Life in 1950s Ireland by Dr Marie Coleman Life in the Ireland of the 1950s was characterised by poor economic performance, high emigration, political instability and social conservatism, and in the north there was a sense calm before the political storm that would Read more…

Whatever you say, say nothing

A report on the views and experiences of Border Protestants for the Church of Ireland Diocese of Clogher. Written by David Gardiner. Commissioned by the Hard Gospel Project. Copyright of the Church of Ireland, the report was published in September 2008. To read more click here.

The Church and Historic Commemorations

Commissioned by the Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland.
‘Beyond the Pale’ asks:
– Is commemorating the events of 1912 to 1922 a moment of opportunity or risk?
– What values should underpin historical reflection of this period?
– What practical actions can the Church take to ensure that historical reflection on this decade is constructive rather than damaging?

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